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Nuovo hotfix per il filtro di InDesign CS2-CS4

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L’hotfix è scaricabile dal sito, dall’articolo 1893.

La procedura è la seguente:

This article describes how to download and install a cumulative hotfix for the SDL Trados InDesign CS2-CS4 filter as shipping with SDL Trados 2007 Suite. This hotfix addresses the following issues in TagEditor, Translator’s Workbench and SDLX:

Support for InDesign CS4

Translated table content may not be transferred back to the translated file.
In certain cases, the line spacing in a paragraph may be changed in the translated file.
Index markers in CS3 files may be removed in the translated file.
Additional Byte Order Mark characters may get added to a translated file during the translation process, causing crashes in InDesign on opening these files.
Text formatting in translated files may get changed under certain circumstances.
Certain files cannot be back converted to INX format due to unexpected tag errors.
Some Japanese characters may be converted to symbol placeholder fields rather than actual characters.
In certain cases, an inline graphic may be removed in the translated file.


SDL confirms these issues in the InDesign INX filter shipping with SDL Trados 2007 Suite. A supported cumulative hotfix is now available from SDL. You can apply this fix to computers that are experiencing this specific problem.


Until a permanent fix becomes available from SDL in a future update, you can apply the hotfix manually as follows:

Close all SDL Trados applications, including SDLX.
Download the ZIP file from the attachments area of this KB article.

The ZIP file applies to both Freelance and Professional editions of SDL Trados 2007 Suite and contains version of the files TradosIndesignFilter1.0.0.0.jar and IndesignFilter_1_0_0_0.xml.
Extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder of your choice, such as C:\temp.

Copy and replace the TradosIndesignFilter1.0.0.0.jar file in the Translation Tools installation folder, by default:
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Freelance: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007_FL\TT\Filters\InDesignFilter
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Professional: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007\TT\Filters\InDesignFilter

Copy and replace the IndesignFilter_1_0_0_0.xml file in the All Users Application Data folder, by default:
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SDL International\Filters

Download The ZIP file contains updated Filter Settings application which supports new features provided by the InDesign CS4 application such as conditional text etc.
Extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder of your choice, such as C:\temp.

Copy and replace the TRADOSFilterSettings.exe file in the Translation Tools installation folder, by default:
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Freelance: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007_FL\TT
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Professional: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007\TT

After replacing the files and restarting SDL Trados TagEditor, SDL Trados Translator’s Workbench or SDLX, the issues described in this article should no longer occur.


Microsoft Vista

On Microsoft Vista the path to the filters is by default C:\Users\All Users\SDL International\Filters\. Users need administrator rights to be able to access it.
Retranslating files
All files with the problem described in this article should be processed again (converted from *.inx to *.ttx (Trados) or *.itd (SDLX)) after applying the hotfix:
Open the *.inx file in TagEditor or SDLX.
Use the Translate to Fuzzy command (TagEditor) or Apply TM command (SDLX) to retranslate the file.
Alternatively, you can use the Translate command in Translator’s Workbench or use the project wizard in SDLX or SDL Trados Synergy to retranslate the source files.

Important: All installations of SDL Trados 2007 which are used in the translation supply chain must be updated to use the same version of the filter.

Optimised internal tag structure may result in reduced leverage
Based on customer feedback, this version of the InDesign filter features improved tag handling by including less internal tags in the segments to be translated. As a side effect, this may result in less leverage when retranslating the files for the first time. This is by design.

Troubleshooting the error message “File too large”
If you open files bigger than approximately 5 MB (this can differ depending on your hardware), TagEditor or SDLX may display an error message that the file is too large to be processed. In this case, please refer to the section on Defining Java Virtual Machine Size Filter Settings in the File Format Reference Guide. This document is part of the SDL Trados 2007 installation. In some cases, you may also see the “File too large” error message when creating translated file. To solve this, save the TTX or ITD file, restart TagEditor or SDLX, and then try to create the translated file again.

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aprile 2nd, 2009 at 2:56 pm

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L’impostazione “Process master page content” per il filtro di InDesign CS2/CS3 non viene mantenuta nei Filter Settings

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Nonostante l’impostazione “Process master page content” sia stata selezionata e salvata correttamente nei Filter Settings, non viene mantenuta e risulta disabilitata quando i Filter Settings vengono lanciati nuovamente.

Si tratta di un problema relativo ad SDL Trados 2007 Suite.

Per risolverlo, è stata rilasciata una versione aggiornata dei Filter Settings, scaricabile dall’articolo 2367 del sito

Per installarla:

Estrarre il file TRADOSFilterSettings.exe.

Copiarlo nella cartella di installazione SDL Trados 2007 Suite , che si trova di default in C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007\TT\, in modo che sovrascriva il file esistente.

L’impostazione “Process master page content” viene ora salvata correttamente.

Questa nuova versione dell’applicazione sarà inclusa nella nuova versione del software.

Queste procedure sono indicate sul sito Non siamo responsabili di eventuali danni causati dall’applicazione di tali procedure.

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gennaio 26th, 2009 at 4:34 pm