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Nuovo hotfix per il filtro di Word 2007

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L’hotfix è scaricabile dal sito, dall’articolo 2011.

Il seguente articolo riporta la procedura di installazione dell’hotfix per il filtro di Word 2007 della versione SDL Trados 2007 Suite.

This hotfix addresses the following issues in TagEditor, Translator’s Workbench and SDLX:

  • In some cases, translated file cannot be created when document contains grouped objects Error message “iterateContent” may be displayed when opening specific type of Word document.
  • In certain cases, if the hyperlink structure was changed during translation, the translated file cannot be saved back to Word 2007 .docx format.
  • Date/Time fields in a document footer may cause the conversion of a translated document to Word 2007 .docx format to fail.
  • In certain circumstances, moved or removed line break tags can cause the conversion to Word 2007 .docx format to fail.
  • In some cases, when custom property fields are used in the source document, the translated file cannot be saved back to Word 2007 .docx format.

Built-in document property fields, such as AUTHOR, are not affected.


SDL confirms these issues in the MS Word 2007 filter that ships with SDL Trados 2007 Suite. A supported cumulative hotfix is now available from SDL. You can apply this fix to computers that are experiencing this specific problem.


Until a permanent fix becomes available from SDL in a future update, you can apply the hotfix manually as follows:
Close all SDL Trados applications, including SDLX.
Download the ZIP file from the attachments area of this KB article.
The ZIP file applies to both Freelance and Professional editions of SDL Trados 2007 Suite and contains version of the files TradosWord2007Filter.dll and Word2007_1_0_0_0.xml.

Extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder of your choice, such as C:\temp.

Copy and replace the TradosWord2007Filter.dll file in the Translation Tools installation folder, by default:
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Freelance: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007_FL\TT
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Professional: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007\TT

Copy and replace the Word2007_1_0_0_0.xml file in the All Users\Application Data installation folder, by default:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SDL International\Filters

Launch the following registration script file to register all SDL Trados components (administrator rights are required for this), by default:
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Freelance: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007_FL\TT\SelfRegister.bat
SDL Trados 2007 Suite Professional: C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007\TT\SelfRegister.bat

fter replacing the files, running the registration script and restarting SDL Trados TagEditor, SDL Trados Translator’s Workbench or SDLX, the issues described in this article should no longer occur.


Important: All installations of SDL Trados 2007 which are used in the translation supply chain must be updated to use the same version of the filter.

Microsoft Vista

On Microsoft Vista the path to the filters is by default C:\Users\All Users\SDL International\Filters\. Users need administrator rights to be able to access it.
Microsoft Vista by default does not show hidden files and folders. Refer to the Microsoft Windows knowledge base for more information:

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